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BRenewd was founded to be a “reset” to your day, anytime and anywhere. These orally dissolvable strips are fast-acting and conveniently packaged, allowing you to take them anywhere you go. 


To use, simply place under your tongue, in your cheek, or on the roof of your mouth. They dissolve within 2 minutes, for just the reset you need. 


What makes our product different?

Bioavailability is the key to creating a CBD product that delivers proven benefits. Bioavailability is the percentage of CBD that is absorbed by the body. Our BRenewd 50mg Strips have a bioavailability of 80-90%. This means 40-45mg’s of CBD is entering the bloodstream. The other important factor is speed. Because BRenewd is placed inside the cheek (Buccal absorption) the benefits can be realized in minutes. 


CBD was introduced to me my senior year of college. Between the unknown of figuring out my career and balancing life in general, I decided to give CBD a shot. I have tried multiple forms of CBD; oils, gummies, pills, and even CBD infused water, but nothing compares to Brenewd CBD strips. With a highly saturated market, I believe our product is consistent and reliable when you need it.  My goal when creating BRenewd is to help others feel their best each and every day. 

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